Hang in there, this will end

I was present at all of my four children’s entrance into the world. I watched over my wife. I held her hand…and she held mine(very tightly at times!) I groaned with her and she travailed in labor pains to bring forth each one of our precious children. Now Jesus knew that they were desirous to […]

When the day of Pentecost had fully come

The Apostle Peter inspired by the Spirit of Jesus linked what happened on Pentecost [50 days after Jesus was raised at Passover] with Joel’s prophecy about the end times. They were all with one accord in one place by the time Pentecost had fully come. It is imperative right now with 7 days left until […]

You ARE obedient

Coming out of the message I wrote recently –Being an Overcomer– I want to say a few things about Obedience. For the claim is that ‘an Overcomer is one who is perfectly obedient to God in all things. Thus it will only be the Overcomers who are raptured….and transformed to rule with Jesus over the […]

Those who are quiet in the land

Those who are plotting and devising evil against those quiet ones dwelling in the land shall find that God stands up against them to vindicate and protect His children. Those ones who are too strong for the quiet ones and too clever–are not stronger than the LORD and not wiser than He. The net that […]

Jesus slept in the storm

All hell was breaking loose on the Sea of Galilee — But Jesus was fast asleep in the stern of the boat. The waves grew higher and higher, the wind blew harder and harder….and the ship was being tossed about like a toy—-yet this Man slept on. Meanwhile the disciples were panicking trying  with all […]

Being found worthy to escape all these things

Jesus told His disciples to pray always that you may counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass Luk 21:25  “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; Luk […]

The time we are in

Recently I was able to sleep for 3 nights away from all electrical buzzing and all mobile phone tower reception. Whilst in my own Brook Cherith {1Kings17} the Lord put some Word into my spirit, the same Spirit that I share with Him, and with all those who have received of this One Holy Spirit. […]

50 years before Jesus this was written

Wisdom is an interesting and revealing Book from the Apocrypha written approximately 50 years before Christ Jesus by a Jewish sage in Alexandria. Allow me to insert Jesus name in red. Wis 2:12  Therefore let us lie in wait for the righteous[Jesus]; because he is not for our turn, and he is clean contrary to […]

Why people believe the lie and reject the truth

The news video shows a respiratory nurse attending to a patient on a ventilator, but the patient is actually a dummy and not a human being. This is typical of the fake news merchants. But unfortunately because people want to be lied to they do not notice or even care that they are being lied […]

The loving embrace of Father

I have a beautiful wonderful wife and four children that I love very much. Our children are adults now but that doesn’t stop me from hugging them in a loving embrace whenever we come together again. I was bigger in body than they were when they were young children and my hugs would swallow them […]

And shall cut him in two

The Lord Jesus spoke many things in parables, some things seem very harsh. For instance in Matt 24 He said that the evil servant will be cut in two. I was meditating on this passage this morning. Here it is. Mat 24:36  “Concerning that day and exact hour, no one knows when it will arrive, […]

Encouragement for today

I wanted to encourage believers in Christ today…well actually I just started to speak and thought I was going to speak about the latest pandemic stuff, but then the Lord Jesus took me another direction…I am glad He did! And then after preaching this I spoke about Ask the Lord for rain This is linked […]

Open the door to Jesus

Look, this is serious stuff. The powers that be, the elite billionaires and ruling families [Rothschild’s Rockerfellars etc]are in league with a being of far greater intelligence than any human possesses. This being has been cast to the earth, out of the spirit realm…and he is enraged as a result of being evicted by Michael […]

Being His Bride means He dresses us

The prophet Ezekiel paints a beautiful picture for us of the Bride of Jesus – His beautiful church–you and me if you are born again inside of Jesus. We who were once dead in trespasses and sins He has made alive having forgiven us all trespasses, having washed us with the washing of regeneration and […]

Your heart is NOT desperately wicked

Somewhere deep inside the Christian mind(not the mind of Christ)is the notion that our heart is desperately wicked–I want to tell you dear friend, brother or sister that is simply NOT TRUE!! Is that how you see yourself? I thought that too about myself. If you call your heart wicked then you are not in […]

Hebrews 9:27 The Judgement is Good!!

This verse is taken out of context all the time by my unbelieving brethren. It is used to prove eternal damnation in Hell. Yet it’s real meaning is nothing like that, but instead is a good judgment, a judgement unto LIFE and Righteousness. Jesus Christ appeared to PUT AWAY SIN…..by BEARING the sins of many. […]

Attacked on Purim

A lot of oppression around today from the early hours of the morning to about 1pm WST. At first I thought it was because I had slept heavily. But as the morning went on and the headache and heaviness grew stronger I realised–daaa..bit thick….that this was not natural, but an attack of directed soul energy […]

Purim begins Monday night

The Jewish holiday Purim begins Monday night, March 9 and continues through Tuesday, March 10, 2020 The festival of Purim commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from Haman’s plot “to destroy, kill and annihilate all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, in a single day.” source I […]

Fear of tomorrow robs you of faith for today

When you read Jesus in the gospels you find a Man who is fearless. He was and is a Man just like us who can have compassion upon our weaknesses because He Himself was subjected to all the same things as we are. Yet in all His trials God was proven to be faithful through […]

Hey Christian you are NOT missing the mark

Hey Christian! You are not missing the mark Yes it is a controversial heading I have used it to get your attention. Is it true? Missing the mark as I wrote yesterday is what the Greek word/s harmatia(G266) from harmatano(G264) mean. Both have been translated as “sin” and “sins”. But both should really be mostly translated […]

The bloke up the road

As I drove by you stood at your door. Not really standing, but leaning…forlorn. Your head pressed against the brickwork, your feet wide apart. I could tell all was not right, I could feel your pained heart. Yet I had had a busy day and was speeding to get home, Whilst you had been on […]

A vacuum of self knowledge

Here are a couple of songs that address the vacuum of self knowledge that is a result of not connecting with the Lord Jesus as our inner Life. Busy-ness for God leaves us in a quandary with no inner compass. The Devil does not mind a busy church…what he fears is a church that knows […]

Allow Him to help you

As Christians we know that our heavenly Father God chastens us so we may share in His holiness. This chastening is not pleasant! All the things we go through, the pressures we are subjected to in daily life, whether through our choices or the choices of others around us are ultimately from our loving Father. […]

It’s not about right and wrong

Are you being caught up in all the polarising topics that the world media is pumping out incessantly? The Christian church is being set up and baited just as the Pharisees constantly tried to set Jesus up. Mat 12:10  and behold, a man having a withered hand. And they asked him, saying, Is it lawful […]


Tenielle Neda Vanity: Time goes on You can chase it but it’s moving on If you listen you can hear its song Trying to reach you through the darkest night Money talks You can taste it it’ll take your life If you hold it to your heart too tight It’ll take away whatever it gained […]

It’s hard not to give up when you feel like Job

Men only seek to die if they do not accept that they have already died on the Cross. If we refuse to agree with God and accept our ONE FINAL death inside of Christ on the Cross then we will only know TORMENT and seek to die. All of our past failures and mistakes, all […]

Dare to Believe

Back in 2007 I found myself in the bottom of a pit of despair and disappointment. The enemy was pounding me with condemnation over decisions I had made which left us poorer financially. I had been under much spiritual attack and had been led to leave the fellowship we had been involved with. I was […]

No one knows the Father except the son

Jesus urges us to COME INTO HIM and REST INSIDE of His relationship with FATHER for only He knows the Father and knowing Father inside of Jesus heart, inside of your heart, is true and pure REST. Mat 11:27  All things have been delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows the Son […]

Meek and Lowly in heart

When Jesus said, “learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart,..” He was describing Father’s heart for us. Father’s heart is gentle, humble, meek and mild, base, cast down, humble, of low degree (estate), and  lowly. In fact His heart has an attitude of one who has been humiliated, and depressed! He […]