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The assassination of Gedaliah

I had a dream last week on the 22nd July 2020 of which came revelation of the times…That date forms a 22/22 if you leave out the zeros. The verse that was prominent in what was revealed to me is Isaiah 22:22…I wrote Surely the MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH AND DELIGHT THEMSELVES IN THE […]

Those who are quiet in the land

Those who are plotting and devising evil against those quiet ones dwelling in the land shall find that God stands up against them to vindicate and protect His children. Those ones who are too strong for the quiet ones and too clever–are not stronger than the LORD and not wiser than He. The net that […]

Why people believe the lie and reject the truth

The news video shows a respiratory nurse attending to a patient on a ventilator, but the patient is actually a dummy and not a human being. This is typical of the fake news merchants. But unfortunately because people want to be lied to they do not notice or even care that they are being lied […]

Israel planning to wipe out all Palestinians

Recently a top ex Israeli commander said that IDF snipers are ordered to target and kill children among protesters. This has mercilessly been carried out over the last few weeks as Palestinians protest against I srael’s alleged occupation of their land. Below is a dead Palestinian boy aged 14 SHOT deliberately on orders from the […]

A rebuilt Temple does away with Jesus

I notice that Israelis are comparing Pres. Donald Trump with King Cyrus saying that Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem being the capital of the world is the same as Cyrus’ calling to restore Jerusalem. One such Israeli group has minted a silver coin to commemorate Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem which he announced December 6th 2017.(The date equates […]