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When two become one

My Father(God)has been really ministering to my heart lately. I have come to a place in my soul where I have stopped trying to make it happen and have cast myself upon Him. Something I have been hearing through all sorts of different sources is that we cannot take ourselves into the “Promised Land”God does […]

A vacuum of self knowledge

Here are a couple of songs that address the vacuum of self knowledge that is a result of not connecting with the Lord Jesus as our inner Life. Busy-ness for God leaves us in a quandary with no inner compass. The Devil does not mind a busy church…what he fears is a church that knows […]

It’s hard not to give up when you feel like Job

Men only seek to die if they do not accept that they have already died on the Cross. If we refuse to agree with God and accept our ONE FINAL death inside of Christ on the Cross then we will only know TORMENT and seek to die. All of our past failures and mistakes, all […]

God is not rejecting you

There is a thought within many Christian churches that God is not happy with us the way we are. God wants us to change, then He will be happy with us. The feeling many have is that they are “not quite right” the way they are….an uneasy feeling of rejection. Self doubt plagues these ones […]

Being God to others

The other day I was about to reach for the door handle at my work place when it opened abruptly and one of the other truck drivers got a fright when he saw me standing there unexpectedly. He actually blurted out a blasphemy: “Jesus!”Then he said, ” Yeah, it is Jesus!” and he laughed and […]