Maybe this song is for you today?

God often speaks to me through songs. Songs that I have not heard for years and years will sometimes come to my mind out of nowhere and I have learned to take notice of that. I will usually check the lyrics out that day and am always amazed at how appropriate they are for my situation or for something I have been writing about.

With the song I got today I believe I am to share it with you my readers. There is a line in this song that I believe has already happened  to a young lady of 30 years from Chattanooga –she was a head nurse who took the vaccine live on camera and 17 minutes later passed out. Her death is recorded by the – yet there has been a concerted effort(of course) to deny that she has passed away. I was thinking about Tiffany as James Taylor’s lyrics came up from my spirit today. The good thing is for those who grieve the loss of a loved son or daughter is that you shall see them again.

Perhaps you have never seriously considered God. God is real. Unseen -Yes. Unknown-Yes. Cant be touched -Yes. And yet there is a yearning and longing in our heart to know God. Oh I know it is easy to be cynical and skeptical…I have been there!! But God has always been faithful to me and to comfort me in my darkness. He has been there with you too–in your darkness–with you! He is not far away-though it feels like He is. He is near, a God who is close by. He is closer than the breath you just inhaled. God is spirit. He has revealed Himself through His Son Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah.

James Taylor found that calling upon Jesus was the only way he could make it through the day and the dark times. Please consider doing that yourself my friend -God thinks you are worth saving and worth dying for. He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY–so that right now–just the way you are right now–you may call upon Jesus Christ and He will come running into your heart to be your friend and your strength and your very life.

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