Monthly Archives: June 2020

The State as father

On the Perth, ABC talk back radio a few days ago I heard the presenter ask a caller “What would you like the Government to do for you?” I switched it off in disgust. The very sad thing is most people today have zero faith in Jesus Christ. They do not know the Father of […]

Speak comfort to Ariel

No I am not talking about the Disney character Ariel, but Jerusalem, the church of the living God. A few months ago whilst waiting on the Lord He said to me that “Isaiah 29 is relevant for this time”. Of course knowing the Word, I knew straight away that Isaiah 29 begins with “Woe to […]

A baptism of fire

Rather than a baptism of fire being some physical manifestation that happens to you in a Pentecostal meeting such as shaking, laughing, crying etc this is what I believe the baptism of fire is. Tribulation and affliction. Below our Lord Jesus shared what was going to happen to him in the very near future. 2 Now […]