Maybe this song is for you today?

God often speaks to me through songs. Songs that I have not heard for years and years will sometimes come to my mind out of nowhere and I have learned to take notice of that. I will usually check the lyrics out that day and am always amazed at how appropriate they are for my […]

What will 2021 bring?

I asked the Lord about 2021 and He spoke Joel 2:30 back to me. Of course I realise that I have written much about that verse with regard to the signs in 2020 –yet that is what I heard. Therefore I expect in 2021 that Father shall continue to show wonders in the heavens that […]

Psalm 49 In the morning we shall have dominion over them

 Since I have been writing mainly about what the “wrathful one” is doing in the earth in these days my filter was alerted as I listened to the Psalms this week over and over Bluetoothed in the work truck. One that jumped out at me for further scrutiny is Psalm 49 A Psalm of the […]

A new day is dawning

January first is not the new year This is the changing of times that Daniel 7 speaks about, that the beast power has brought into effect, telling us that January 1st is the beginning of the year… Time works by the luminaries that the Creator placed in the heavens – the sun, in the day […]

Role and pitfalls of a watchmen in the current season

A sister in the United States wrote me this morning(my time) asking about the threat of China attacking and taking over the USA soon as reported by Mike Adams last week.She knows Mike has many contacts in intelligence and is unsure whether he is right. I had already read his post last week but did […]

Emmanuel revealed in us

Was driving on Friday 11th December so took the opportunity to preach a bit…here is the audio as an mp4 file In this preach I refer back to the Comet Neowise earlier this year. Also on Spreaker

Those days are cut short through us –

This verse kept coming to me while at work Mat 24:21  For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.  Mat 24:22  And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake […]

Churchianity being brought low

First published in June as Speak Comfort to Ariel I must publish this again for it is what is happening I believe. Old wineskins simply will not do!! Article begins.. No I am not talking about the Disney character Ariel, but Jerusalem, the church of the living God. A few months ago whilst waiting on […]

Who will roll the stone away?

The Gospel is an already done thing. It is finished!! The Stone is rolled away and Jesus is Risen. Mark 16 And they said among themselves, “Who will roll away the stone from the door of the tomb for us?” This little story from Mark illustrates the finished work of the Cross perfectly. We often […]

God has made a better Covenant

It is good to be reminded of what God Himself has done lest we fall back into something He has done away with. I am speaking of the New Covenant God has made through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The New Covenant is faultless whereas the Old had faults. It’s main fault was that it […]

I can or I cannot do

I like the way Father puts conundrums in His Word for us to puzzle over. Here is one that has always puzzled me. For when I am weak them am I strong…. The reason why it puzzles me and so many others is that we are conditioned to think of ourselves as capable and able […]

Adopted not aborted

I wrote this as a comment on Thompson’s blog on his post “Filled Borders and empty wombs” My dad’s parents wanted me to be aborted as he was young and my mother was only 16 when I was conceived….his parents were “well to do” types and their son(my dad) had a casual relationship with my […]

Out of darkness light shines

By Den Rhodes on 15 May 2015 Light shines out of darkness Darkness only served to birth the Church of Jesus from His bleeding side 2000 years ago. Once again God shall cause darkness to give birth to the next eon of His purpose. When the Chief priests sent armed guards to arrest Jesus in […]

Myrtle time

Whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. Rev 22:2  In the middle of its street, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month. The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.  God placed Myrtle […]

Has the Holy Spirit fallen upon you yet

[Originally posted April 7th 2020] Den Rhodes There are millions of believers today who are exactly like the Samaritan believers in Acts 8 who it is written that they had not yet received the Holy Spirit, for He had NOT YET FALLEN UPON THEM. This is not as it should be. If it is as […]

Worthy the Lamb that was slain

I sing scripture as intercession and prior attempts, just sing it as it comes out spontaneously. Be blessed as you listen to song and scripture–let the Lord minister to your heart

A faith not of you

Eph 2:8  For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, Eph 2:9  not of works, lest anyone should boast. Eph 2:10  For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. nkjv Let’s get […]

When it seems you are in the wrong place

Jennifer Arimborgo asked me what the picture was at the top of a post I did about being locked down..Here is my reply to encourage more that we are in God’s hands no matter what it looks like. Glad you asked!! It is Apostle Paul chained to the centurion after the ship they were on […]

Daily essential Multivitamin

I am adopted by the Father into His family – His Spirit is my spirit – and together we bear witness and agree that I am a child of God. My inner person always cries out Abba Father!! And for His part my Father is always one with me – carrying me–upholding me—loving me—guiding me—nurturing […]

James Relly I receive you

Until today I had never heard of Reverend James Relly but because someone from Switzerland sent me a picture of a convert of his -John Murray – I did some reading on Wikipedia. After I share about Relly I will share some of my journey through a dark place to find the light Relly found. […]

Not all pie in the sky

In the Resurrection God our Father will ensure that what human life was destroyed in the previous ages shall be lovingly restored. Many Christians think that they are off the hook because of the blood of Jesus. Let me tell you something brethren. If you aborted your own children –Then in the Resurrection HERE ON […]

What do you say about yourself?

Years ago I was in the city of Perth preaching and witnessing in the main shopping mall and I met some young people of middle eastern descent. I am attracted to foreigners, have been all my life. I want to meet them and ask them about themselves and their country etc. The had been sitting […]

A message to my enemies

Dear one who takes it upon themself to try to curse me and speak angry words at me in the astral realm…. I love you…and I receive you –your very self–your true inner person…I receive you into me–where I AM–inside of Father God–inside of Jesus Christ—inside of my heart. “For where I am there you […]

shape up or ship out

informal•North American saying used as an ultimatum to someone to improve their performance or behaviour or face being made to leave. Like it or lump it if one wants to be involved with other people then there are certain “rules” usually not published but that exist in the fine print. I am not speaking about […]

Dive into psalm 108

If you don’t know a song get your Bible out and sing the psalms. I have not been involved in the churches for over 10 years now, so don’t know any of the popular songs. But there is a whole book of them already printed for us. hehe Surely His glory does and shall cover […]

When two become one

My Father(God)has been really ministering to my heart lately. I have come to a place in my soul where I have stopped trying to make it happen and have cast myself upon Him. Something I have been hearing through all sorts of different sources is that we cannot take ourselves into the “Promised Land”God does […]

Being human is not a sin

Those wonderful lyrics above from Canadian singer songwriter Gordon Lightfoot carry deep meaning in view of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it has been distorted. It seems that the best preachers and prophets are not inside the institution called the church but are outside it’s walls. Modern singer songwriters are used all the […]

I speak to you

WHO AM I? a son of the most high…a servant of all….the least of you…a branch in the vine….a temple of Life….a warrior of Light….a hearer….a seer….a friend….always being renewed….faithful. A lover of Mankind, willing to speak the truth to all. No respecter of persons. WHO ARE YOU? Bottom line for me is that you […]

He takes away the first that he may establish the second

He pulls down that he may build up He uproots that that he may plant He takes away the first that he may establish the second He removes one and establishes another He wounds that he may heal He has torn that he may bind us up The outer which is seen is temporary the […]

Comet Emmanuel

What message did Comet Neowise convey to us? To those who have been watching and who have an ear to hear and an eye to see the Comet brought a message of good news. But to those who refuse to repent it brought news of impending judgement. This is always the case. Read John’s words […]

Comet Neowise’ July appearance

C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) or Comet NEOWISE A few weeks ago I asked a prophetic friend whether he thought this comet meant anything special since it has a long orbit of 7,000 years? He said he had no specific revelation about it.   This long orbit comet passed over the southern hemisphere on 26th July 2020 […]

Red chute alien ship crashes in background

In the foreground on the TV screen was the current crisis with sick people being attended to then suddenly in the background appeared a spaceship streaking low across the partly cloudy day lit sky. It was briefly seen above the buildings behind the foreground scene, a classic flying saucer shape, before it began trailing smoke […]

The assassination of Gedaliah

I had a dream last week on the 22nd July 2020 of which came revelation of the times…That date forms a 22/22 if you leave out the zeros. The verse that was prominent in what was revealed to me is Isaiah 22:22…I wrote Surely the MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH AND DELIGHT THEMSELVES IN THE […]

The Great shake down

When I was a boy a mate of mine and I would go into the bush to catch possums. In order to get them from the tops of the trees and into our arms we would violently shake the tree that they were clinging desperately to. We were only interested in looking at them closely […]

The silver is Mine and the gold is Mine says the LORD

There is a headlong rush beginning as masses of frightened people begin to hear that paper money shall soon be no more. There is a rush to buy silver and gold and other hard assets that are considered to be safe havens in difficult and uncertain times. Yet over and over again the LORD of […]

The time of Hilkias

I saw in a dream a hand slide the pointer to the time of Hilkias. I awoke with “the time of Hilkias” on my mind. I know that in the KJV Isaiah is called Isaias…so Hilkias is Hilkiah. Hilkiah was a High priest and the father of Eliakim… Hurricane Isaias hits Florida 11 days after […]